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1) 100% Money Back Guarantee

After doing the SIBA course if a candidate feel that he is not satisfied with the course or this course is not for him then he will get his entire fees back just deducting the Facility Charges (Facility charges mean: the course is conducted in a three star hotel inclusive of tea, breakfast, lunch, High tea, and snacks. It also includes some stationeries, diary, gifts study material etc.) Deducting this cost comes to an average of RS. 1500 per person per day, the rest amount would be given back to the candidate.

2) Practically Useful in Day to Day Life

There are many course available in the market today but how many of them are practically useful to us, may be some but most of them are not practically useful in life, but SIBA course is practically useful in our day to day life as it is all about self grooming and personality development, which we require at every second of life.

3) Confirmed Job with Fixed Salary

Today the market is full of competition, it very difficult for an individual to get a confirmed job immediately after getting graduated, but after doing SIBA Certification Course you get a confirmed job with fix salary of Rs. 10,000 per month.

4) 102 Course with no additional cost

After Joining Soni-India JobFactory candidate would also be getting training on 102 more courses with no additional cost.

Soft Skills Courses

Features icon Building Self Esteem ( confidence ) & Assertiveness Skills Features icon Positive Attitude, Motivation & Goal Setting.
Features icon Business Etiquette & Makeover. Features icon Public Speaking & Communication Skills.
Features icon Time Management - Effective Planning & Scheduling. Features icon Dynamic Sales Presentations
Features icon Marketing & Sales. Features icon Selling Smarter.
Features icon Motivation Training : Motivating Your Workforce.  
more Features icon